Casket of CDs

Do you have old, unnecessary CDs in your house and you want to throw them away? Do not rush to this, you can make a casket from them that will serve you for many years. To make the casket we need: - 4 CDs. - Cardboard. - Pencil. - Ruler. - Glue. - Scissors. - Fabric. - Needle. - Threads in the color of the fabric. - Household foam sponge (sponge for washing dishes). Let's take a cloth, put its face on the table, put a disk on top and cut a circle, taking into account the allowances of 1.5-2 centimeters. We will make cuts on the stock.
 Casket of CD discs
Apply glue to the stock and bend it so that the material adheres to the disc. So we do with all the disks. No matter which side you put the disc on the fabric, it will not be visible anyway.
 Box of CDs
We put two disks together so that the material is out. Disks can be glued together, and you can sew. I used the second method. Box of CDs
This will be the cover of the casket. Put it aside for now. Now we need a cardboard. Cut a strip of the desired height from it. This will be the wall of the box. What will be the height depends on you. I made a height of 8 centimeters plus 1.5 centimeters added to connect with the bottom.
 Box of CD discs
Yes, because the lengths of cardboard are I did not have enough, I had to add it. Along the allowance line, lightly pressing on the cardboard, we make them with scissors and cut the allowance so that we get triangles. Fold them.
 Casket of CDs
Take a cloth and cut a strip from it. The width of the strip should be twice as large as the width of the cardboard blank (I have a blank height of 8 centimeters, which means that the width of the strip of fabric came out 16 centimeters), only the allowance is not taken into account, and the length is exactly along the blank.
Casket from CD disks
Now we put glue on the fabric and glue it onto the cardboard.As a result, you should have the fabric pasted on both sides of the cardboard blank, except for the stock.
 Box of CDs
Now we glue the edges of the workpiece, lubricate the glue and glue to one disc. For reliability, all joints can be stitched with a needle and thread. Now the walls have turned out to be not even, but it is solved. To do this, I put a bottle of water inside the box and left it there until the glue completely dried.
 Casket from CD discs
Inside the casket we insert the second disc so that the fabric on it is out, so we close the stock from the cardboard blank.
 Box of CDs
Now is the time to do the decor covers. To do this, take a colored foam sponge and cut out of it 7 petals for a flower. The edges of the petals can be slightly cut with scissors, so the flower will look more beautiful.
 Casket from CD discs
We put petals on the cover.
Casket from CD discs
Now let's takea sponge of a different color, I took red. Cut a small rectangle from it and cut a fringe out of it without cutting it to the edge. We twist it into a tube and glue it to the center of the flower., Fringe upwards.
 Casket from CD discs
Cut green leaves out of a green sponge and paste them between flower petals.
 Casket from CD discs
 Box of CDs
The box is ready if desired Nye can be decorated with beads.
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