Cleaning a carpet with a long artificial pile

Carpets with long artificial pile are in demand today. But they need to properly care. The pile is denser and longer, the more dirt is collected on it. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular and timely cleaning with detergents and tools.

Carpets with a long artificial pile should be vacuumed several times a week. This method is most effective in cleaning such carpets at home. If the dust or dirt accumulated a little, the vacuum cleaner will very easily remove it. But you should be careful, as you can damage the pile.

In winter, you can knock out the carpet from the wrong side, hanging it on the pipe. Snow will also help clean it. To do this, lay the carpet in the snow, so that the pile is outside, sprinkle with snow on top and sweep away the dust with a hard broom.

Removing the debris, you can clean the carpet well with detergents. Good help with this: Vanish, "Pile", etc.They contain alkali, therefore it is not recommended to be carried away by these means, as this may affect the saturation of the color of the fabric. After the carpet has been cleaned with special products, it is necessary to wipe it with an acidic solution, for example, based on vinegar (1 cup per 10 liters of water). The composition is applied to a cloth, which the carpet is rubbed along the pile.

Special solutions are also replaced by other available tools. Not bad cleans table salt, in addition, it will make richer carpet paint. To do this, spread the coating and sprinkle it with salt. Then moisten a hard broom in a warm soapy solution and gently sweep the whole salt off the carpet, periodically wetting the broom in the solution. Salt can be replaced with used tea brew, bran, sawdust, crushed pumice stone. Then the remnants of improvised means are removed by knocking out the carpet.

Carpets that have a long nap are also cleaned with ammonia. We make for this a solution consisting of 5 liters of water, 3 tablespoons of laundry detergent and a spoon of ammonia. This composition is applied to the pile with a soft brush, after which it is removed first with wet and then dry rags.Then you need to dry it well.

But it's best to entrust cleaning the carpet to the experts of the Brilliant Group cleaning company who will do it quickly, inexpensively and efficiently.

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