Candlestick made of salt

To create such a wonderful candlestick, ordinary large salt is used. Of course, so mysteriously it looks only by candlelight. It is necessary to admit that in the light of the day he is not so spectacular. But we are going to use it for its intended purpose? So, we will create a romantic atmosphere with candles and a fabulous candlestick. 1. For the manufacture of a candlestick, we will need the following materials and tools: • Glass • Salt. • PVA glue. • • Brush. • • Paints.
materials and tools
2. Dilute the glue with white water. On two parts of glue we take 1 part of water. Add some paint. In this case, the paint gouache, green.
 We dilute PVA glue with water
3. Pour salt on paper. We dub it so that there are no bumps.
 Pour salt
4. Apply the tinted glue to the glass.  We put glue on the glass
5. Begin to roll a glass in salt.Salt should cling to the glass evenly.
 roll a glass in salt
6. Leave the glass for a while until the glue dries. The original candlestick is ready.
salt candlestick
7. And one more photo of the finished candlestick.

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