Burmese cat breed: character, content, owner reviews

Burmese type of cats - amazing animals with smooth, like silk wool. They are unpretentious in matters of nutrition and have excellent health. And most importantly, they practically do not require special care. It is only necessary to take into account some features of their character.

Description and character of the Burmese breed of cats

The representatives of this breed are very unusual eyes - honey-amber shade. They are distinguished by their amazing wool, which seems to shimmer in several shades when the animal moves. Color variations are quite numerous: chocolate, champagne, platinum, blue, tortoise.

Burmese cat breed
The Burmese cat breed is very graceful, although adult animals can reach 10 kg
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The character of the breed Burmese cat is kind and gentle, but the animal is very active. The cat will be the perfect pet for the child.You need to be prepared for the fact that the pet will be happy to climb on the highest cabinet or want to get to the eaves. Burmese is constantly attracting the attention of the owners, using all available methods. Among the numerous advantages of this breed are:

  1. The cat will not disturb the owners with a frequent and loud meow. Burmese rarely "talk" with the owners. But they love to purr and thank the owners with pleasure for affection.
  2. Such a pet does not tolerate loneliness. This must be taken into account even before its purchase. But the Burmese cat gets on well with other animals. Therefore, it can be taken to a family in which there are already pets. Thanks to this, the Burmese will never be bored without their masters.
  3. Even if such a pet has its own "house", it will still prefer to sleep with its owners. The animal will instantly jump on its knees to cling as soon as the opportunity arises.

It is important to surround the representatives of this breed with love and care, without leaving them alone for long. The rest of the Burmese cats are very unpretentious and do not require special care.

Burmese cat breed: care and maintenance

This breed is often called a cat-dog, due to the fact that its representatives prefer to follow their owner everywhere. According to reviews of the Burmese breed of cats, they very badly endure shouting and punishment. It is better to agree with a clever and understanding animal that it will be much more effective than physical violence.

For those who do not start a cat, fearing wool on furniture and clothing, the Burmese will fit perfectly. She has no undercoat, so it is enough to brush the hair only once a week with a stiff brush. Even during the molting period, the pet will not cause inconvenience to the owners.

As food suitable solid feed without dyes. The animal eats with pleasure and natural food. Additional vitamins are not required, but summer walks are mandatory. Cats will be happy to spend time on the street and independently receive nutrients from plants and herbs.

Burmese - the true beauty queen among cats. She is graceful, has a soft and very pleasant to the touch coat. Her character is amazing - such a pet will become a true friend to its owner. The main thing is not to disregard it, devoting time to games and giving the cat enough petting.

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