Better than the original: the dog masterfully copies the images of the Madonna

The Golden Retriever, nicknamed Max, even conveys the singer's face with amazing accuracy.

When your master is a photographer, you are destined to become a star. Especially if the owner is really loving. Here the retriever Max was lucky. All his six years of his life he spent side by side with the French photographer Vincent Fluore. And there is no doubt that Max simply adores. It is this charming dog with a luxurious golden head of hair became the main star pictures of Vincent.

Glamorous scenes in the portfolio of the photographer during his work has accumulated a lot. But instead of slender beauty models in the center of these subjects suddenly appeared Max. Which blends in wonderfully harmoniously with all this glamor and glitter.

“Max takes it all as a game. If something unusual is needed for filming, a hat, for example, I buy it in advance, and we play with it for a few weeks before moving on to shooting, ”Vincent said.

A photo:@max_et_vincent, frame from video

The most successful was the series, where Max copies Madonna images from album covers or from famous clips. Outfits like a pop diva, hairstyle, languid look - a striking similarity. The project was named "Maxdonna".

“It took me eight months to work on it,” Vincent. - I'm a big fan of Madonna. And these photos - a tribute to the singer, which I adore. There is nothing commercial in this shooting, this is work for pleasure, pure creativity in the name of love. ”

Pictures of Maxdonna Vincent still sells. But the money does not go to his pocket and not even to feed Max, but to charity - straight to the Madonna Foundation. By the way, the singer Vincent's work appreciated. She even rescued one of the covers in her Instagram, where the photo gained almost 200 thousand likes. We have collected the most vivid photos of Max in the image of Madonna - see our photo gallery.

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