Beautiful handmade notebook

A variety of formats, materials and design - notebooks on the shelves of stores are able to satisfy the needs of even the most selective buyers. But not lovers of manual work. Unique appearance, individual selection of materials, lively energy and ... unsurpassed effect. All this reflects the essence of handmade goods. We offer to plunge into the world of creativity and needlework in order to create a pretty notebook for yourself or your loved ones.

Materials and tools:

  • -2 types of fabric,
  • - braid, decorative rope,
  • - embroidery,
  • - cardboard, block of sheets,
  • - miniature jewelry (flowers, wooden carving, chipboard),
  • - glue gun or moment-crystal,
  • - scissors, needle and thread,
  • - ruler and pencil.
Beautiful hand-made notebook

Stages of work:

1. First we cut out the base of the cover from a sheet of cardboard. Dimensions should be slightly larger than the block.By the way, the pages for the "filling" can be made independently of paper or use the factory equivalent. Binding options, if desired, are easy to find on the Internet. As a result, you should take into account the double parameter of the page plus the binding.
Beautiful handmade notebook
2. Putting aside the workpiece and take up the fabric. It is necessary to cut two fragments: one is 3 times smaller than the other with an increase of 2-3 cm. We sew them from the wrong side, and decorate the connection line with a braid.
Beautiful handmade notebook
3. Now the prepared fabric is glued to the cardboard base. We recommend sticking to the following order: line of connection of 2 fabrics, binding, vertical boundaries of the notebook, all horizontals.
Beautiful handmade notebook
Beautiful handmade notebook
4. We connect the block with the cover. The first and last pages will serve as the bookends. You just need to attach them to the inside of our foundation with the help of the same hot glue.
Beautiful handmade notebook
5.We turn on the fantasy and decorate the still faceless notebook. Embroidery can be framed with a rope and complement the small decor. However, this stage assumes an unlimited number of design options. Create and enjoy the result!

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