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Parquet flooring is known in the open spaces of our country and in distant foreign countries for its practicality and durability. It should not be forgotten that along with this, continuous operation and maintenance of the initial physical and aesthetic properties is not an easy task, sometimes requiring professional intervention. A complete replacement of the parquet is a completely unreasonable and uneconomical decision, when the family budget loses weight in the eyes, and the apartment is again a mess. In such a critical situation, we try like magicians to add a little magic and level all problems.

We are a team of craftsmen in the parquet business who are interested in providing quality services, and this is impossible without proper awareness of our customers. That is why the website of Special Parquet Group was created, which will tell about all the variations of our services in the most detailed way:

  • Partial or complete disassembly of the flooring;
  • Looping and grinding roughness and roughness
  • Applying a fresh varnish coat to a new parquet;
  • Colorist manipulations to replace the original tree tone;
  • Routine repair of everyday mechanical damage.

Here, of course, not the whole arsenal of our capabilities is presented; on the contrary, this is only the smallest represented by the most popular requests. That is, the vast majority of defects and problems associated with the parquet flooring are solved in one of the ways listed above.

Scraping and its features

Scraping is a construction operation, which in its essence is the removal of the lacquer layers of the flooring with the help of certain building machines and emery paper of different levels of grit.

If you want to learn more about scraps, in order to weigh all the positive and negative aspects of such manipulation, you should definitely visit one of the most relevant pages on our website The link provides information on the most important stages of this work and the criteria by which the cost is calculated:

  • Active attention to detail and experiencing the so-called pitfalls;
  • Providing only quality services with guarantees in the form of certificates, checks or other official papers;
  • The high professionalism of the masters, ensured by the constant development and movement forward.

Realizing all the above points, we provide you with a reliable partner in parquet issues, a friendly shoulder that will take the necessary moment and will relieve you of the floor covering headache.

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