Basic wardrobe: 15 beautiful shirts for all occasions

Shirts do not happen much! And therefore complete the wardrobe with several models at once, which will help to always and everywhere look perfect.

The basic wardrobe is a capsular story, consisting of about 10-20 things. However, this does not mean that you should be limited to this framework. The shirt, which is just included in the list of the main mast-hevets of the basic wardrobe, by itself, should not be the only representative of its kind in your closet.

Remember that style is first and foremost freedom and variety! So, before you are a few options all your favorite shirt. Having a couple of such variations at your disposal is real luck!

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Blue shirt.A great alternative to a slightly boring, albeit necessary, white shirt. In blue, she looks more casual and can even make a pair of worn jeans. Silhouette is better to choose free or strict "male."Such a contrast is always beneficial to the image, making it even more feminine.

Striped shirt.Thin strip - for the office. Wide fantasy - and for the office, and for walking. A great bonus: a geometric pattern is able to visually slightly adjust the shape. For example, to increase a breast or to designate a waist.

Shirt with a bow.It is best to choose a snow-white model with an elegant black ribbon at the collar. This shirt looks very impressive in combination with office pants and pencil skirts. However, when creating an image in casual style, this shirt is also very useful. The famous icon of Alex Chang’s style wears a similar model with cropped jeans and ballet flats.

Shirt with embroidery.The case when the usual, it would seem, the thing gets a new sound. Laconic white or blue shirt with cute floral embroidery on the pocket or the corners of the collar is a great way to color gray everyday life.

Shirt in a romantic style.And, of course, do not forget about ruffles. Shirts with frills look very feminine and unusual. At work, however, it is better not to wear them. With flying skirts and denim, ruffles look much more harmonious.

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