Banana Envelopes with Chocolate

Banana envelopes with chocolate photoThe recipe for making banana envelopes with chocolate

What do you need:


2 large ripe bananas 120 g of any chocolate;


according to your taste;


2 tbsp. l. milk;


2 medium sheets of thin pita;


oil for deep-frying, better baked.


Banana envelopes with chocolate - recipe



Melt chopped chocolate with milk in a water bath or in a microwave. Each sheet of pita cut into 6 equal parts. Each banana is cut into 12 pieces. Lubricate the sheets of pita bread with melted chocolate on one side, put 2 pieces of banana on each piece, wrap the enamel in an envelope, fix it with a toothpick. When all the envelopes are ready, heat the oil to 160 ° C and batch the envelopes to golden brown in batches. Put ready-made envelopes on crumpled paper towels for 1 min. To make the glass oil. Serve warm.

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