Autogenic training: exercises

Exercise Preparation

If possible, a muffled lighting should be provided in the classroom, all sounds and noises should be excluded. This is especially important at the beginning, when mastering the technique of autogenic training. It is better to do it either in the morning, right after waking up, or in the evening, before going to bed. In the afternoon you can also do some exercises when you have free time.
Autogenic exercise can be performed in several relaxed postures: lying down, especially when you wake up and before bedtime, reclining, for example, in a chair, and also sitting - this posture is also called the coachman's posture.
It should not be when training specifically, volitional efforts to achieve relaxation. Concentration on the exercises should be passive, not active. Before classes, you should say to yourself the phrase "I am completely calm." Those who are easier to work with images, you can imagine yourself a bird or a balloon, serenely floating in the air.

Autogenic exercise exercises

The first exercise is associated with a feeling of heaviness in the limbs, which means their relaxation. Self-hypnosis should be carried out according to the following formulas: “My right hand is very heavy,” “My left hand is very heavy,” then similarly with each leg. You can achieve the feeling of gravity with successive steps: “The fingers of the right hand are heavy,” “The hands become heavier,” etc. For lovers of images fit the phrase: "My hands are poured by the weight", "My legs are heavy, like lead." Everyone chooses the option that is more suitable for him personally. With regular workouts, the feeling of heaviness will appear reflexively.
The second exercise is to feel the heat in the arms and legs, and to begin its implementation is possible only after mastering the first exercise. The formulas for autogenic training are similar to the previous ones: “My right hand is warm”, “My left hand is warm”, etc. At the end, the phrase "My arms and legs are warm and heavy." After performing these two exercises, an autogenous immersion state is achieved, which is on the verge of wakefulness and sleep. In order not to fall asleep completely, it is necessary to get out of this state by following the orders: “Bend your arms, extend your arms! Breathe deeply! Open your eyes!
The third exercise is the regulation of respiration.The formula of self-suggestion in this exercise should determine the unconsciousness of the process, i.e. breathing should not be changed by volitional efforts, when a person consciously regulates his rhythm, frequency and depth. A variant of this formula: "I breathe easily and calmly." Regular repetition of this formula and work with images, for example, imagining yourself for a walk in a pine forest, will help to achieve even and quiet breathing.
The following exercises can be called local, because they cover specific organs or areas of the body. One of them is aimed at regulating heart rhythm. The formula for immersion is as follows: "My heart beats smoothly and calmly." You can break it down into several sequential actions: “The heart rate becomes smoother,” “The heart works as a motor,” etc. Saying the phrase “I feel good and calm” will help you quickly get into an autogenous state. After mastering this exercise, it will be possible, if necessary, to increase or slow down the heartbeat.
Another exercise is aimed at feeling the heat in the area of ​​the solar plexus.It is the feeling of warmth in this place that will allow you to achieve peace and relaxation, as well as reduce pain. As a formula for entering the autogenous state, the phrase is used: "The solar plexus radiates heat." In order to better feel this, you can attach a palm to the area between the sternum and the navel or present a hot-water bottle at this place.
The last exercise is to feel cool in the forehead. In addition to relaxation, this exercise helps to get rid of headaches. To enter the autogenic state, you need to repeat the formula "My forehead is pleasantly cool." You can divide the exercise into parts: "My forehead is cooling," "The forehead becomes cooler," "My forehead is cool." In this case, there is a feeling that a light wind touches the head area.

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