Astrofitness: sport according to the signs of the zodiac

Bright and rapid "fiery" signs, light "air", strong and hardworking "earthly", flexible, artistic "water" - fitness can also be chosen according to the sign of the Zodiac.

"Air" signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Exercises for fitness
Exercises for fitness

The main features of people born under the signs of the element of Air are mobility, lightness and activity. These are creative individuals who need constant movement. For "air" signs, spiritual development is also very important.

Therefore, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius are best suited fitness, which not only tones the body, but also requires the brain.

For example, you can do Chinese tai-chi gymnastics, qigong breathing exercises or some kind of yoga - during such training a person especially listens deeply to himself, improving not only his body, but also his soul.

As people with excellent response and quick-thinking, “air” signs fit sports games, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis and table tennis.

Air signs usually have good coordination of movements, so they are recommended to dance, from classical to street funk with acrobatic elements. Speaking of acrobatics: why not try a trampoline?

March 3, 2009Elena Biathlon

as Aquarius, I am really impressed by yoga. But I can't stand table tennis since childhood. don't understand him

My classes combine physical exercise first (step, aerobics, calanetics, fitball aerobics on different days in different ways) and the second stage is always aqua aerobics and a few minutes of sauna to warm up after a pool.

So I am a fish, and for me aqua is such an outlet after exhausting classes, sometimes I think that I go only for the sake of it alone. But somewhere I read that before aqua for greater efficiency you need to do exercises on land, so you have to go to the first part :))

How exactly everything is noticed! I am a fire sign, I really just want to jump on everyone's mind :)))

Hmmm ... I am a Fish, I have an annual subscription to the World Class (fitness club), in which I have not been for two months for two months ( I want to!

I am Libra, but I love water sports (swimming, diving, surfing), still heavy exercise equipment, but yoga or qigong does not inspire at all, I do not have enough extreme in them. Everything is very individual for each person.

Yes. Yes! Just like about me!

Only here in the listing of my sport (very common, by the way). which I do, for some reason did not get ... :(

I am an earthling !! Dancing and swimming is exactly mine !! =)

And I am a lioness. I love to swim in the pool and adore yoga, and when I dance voosche in the astral I leave .... XD

So all this is relative) but the essence is true.

My sign is Virgo and I prefer sports, where you need a lot and quickly move and think

/ apply some tactics, strategy /. Generally, I like to move, because it’s for me

like and creates a good mood. Someone has correctly noticed that MOVEMENT is LIFE.

I am Aries - but I don’t have my sport in the list, but I don’t like moving types such as step aerobics and shaping. But to stand out - it's YES !!!

then I do the right thing that I do belly dancing and yoga)))

Um, I don't even know. I, as a rifleman, of course, have increased dynamism and so on. But the desire to “draw attention to oneself” or “to be in sight” is gone by the hand with youthful maximalism. Therefore, I have nothing against "single runs in the park in the early morning".

Exercises for fitness on the signs of the zodiac - this is something new.

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