Angry Birds Salt Dough Birds

Angry Birds actively entered our lives. Where they just do not meet. But what could be better than a hand-made thing? Today we will try to make two pendants on a satin ribbon with birds Angry Birds. That's how it all looks like in the end.
 Angry Birds
Everything you need to create birds: - salt - half cup , - flour - glass, - water 120 ml. - sunflower oil - 2 tbsp. spoons. - colored staples, - gouache, - satin ribbon Mix the ingredients and knead the dough so that it stops sticking to the hands.
knead the dough
We will form the birds from the received mass, but first put a colored paper clip in a small piece of the dough. This will be a hook.  test color clip
Form a triangle from the test.
Form a triangle from the test Next place your beak.These are two small triangles.
 place your beak
Then your eyes with eyebrows. All parts are very easy to make. Give the desired shape with your thumbs.
 eyebrows with eyebrows
The last details are the tail and tuft. If the parts do not stick to the base, wet them in places of attachment.
 tail and tuft
For the second bird, also attach a paper clip. Forming a circle
Having formed a circle, attach a tuft and tail.
 tuft and tail
Next tidy eyes,
 round eyes

evil brows
 evil brows
and dissatisfied beak.
dissatisfied beak
Birds are ready . Wrap the remaining dough in cling film and refrigerate until the next time. Do not leave on air, otherwise the dough will dry and spoil.It remains to bake them so that they become solid. Bake on low heat until the state of the stone. After they are baked, start painting. Stick to the colors that they are painted in the game.  The evil birds are ready
 Angry Birds evil birds
Two Angry Birds
 Two Birds of Angry Birds It will remain to run through the tape and hanging. As you can see, everything is easier than it may seem. Create and delight those around you.
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