Rustling Miracle: an unusual use of foil in the kitchen

About foil it is known that it perfectly keeps the temperature and is relatively inexpensive. If you used it before only for baking and wrapping hot dishes, hurry up to update your stocks. The foil can greatly facilitate cooking, which means you will spend it more!

Easy to eat ice cream in briquettes

It is no longer necessary to take a spoon so that the delicacy does not melt in your hands. Wrap it in a piece of foil, and the heat of your hands will not spoil the dessert.

Don't let bananas spoil

To keep fruits fresh longer, keep them in the fridge, after wrapping their tails with foil. The council is suitable for a few greenish bananas, which should mature.

Clean the surface of the pan

If you do not have a metal brush on hand, use a tightly rolled up ball of foil. Suitable method and for washing dishes with soot.

Cover the stove while cooking

If you plan to prepare dishes that may stain the surface of the plate (for example, jam in an open pelvis), take care of splash protection in advance.Foil can be removed and discarded.

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