A curious idea for a paper confetti house that is definitely worth repeating.

Buy multicolored confetti in the gift shop to repeat the wonderful hand-made article - a bright, hand-made vase! Using a different basis for creating a form, you can get a candy bowl, a flower vase or a classic round vase. And children especially like to do their own hands with such incredible, bright crafts!

To make a confetti vase, take:

  • 3-5 packs of confetti (depending on the size of the future vase);
  • powder glue or universal PVA;
  • paint brush;
  • food film;
  • tank for mixing components (glass, bottle);
  • the form-basis for the future vase (cropped bottle, salad bowl, ball, etc.).

There are several ways to make such a vase. The first is that you first need to wrap the base (for example, a ball) with food film,then smear the surface with glue and pour confetti. Repeat the procedure until the desired thickness (4-6 layers) is obtained, allowing the layers to dry. At the end of the last drying, you need to remove the base with a film and cut the vase. It is ideal for storing sweets and something light.

The second method is slightly different from the previous one. Just like in the first, it is necessary to wrap the base of the food film. Then, in a separate container, mix glue and confetti (the proportions are determined by eye). It is advisable to take a glue that becomes transparent at the end of drying. Then, using a paint brush, apply glue with confetti on the surface of the base. Let dry and trim the craft. Nice confetti vase ready!

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