7 brilliant ideas on the use of leftover yarn

Each needlewoman with time accumulates a certain amount of excess yarn. Sometimes colored balls are scattered around the house! You can, of course, buy a larger cabinet and arrange the glomeruli on shelves until better times ... But there is a more interesting idea! Let the remnants of yarn on making cozy little things that will make your home more comfortable and more comfortable.

"Patchwork" plaid of colored hexagons.

For such a plaid, you can use even the smallest balls. Beginners better work with threads of the same thickness and texture. And those who are confident in their skill, you can try to work with different materials. Between them, hexagons can be sewn with a thick needle or connected with a hook. If among your friends there are football fans, they will appreciate a blanket of similar design, made in black and white. Indeed, in essence, the ornament repeats the pattern of a classic soccer ball.

Napkin in grandma's style.

This mating was very popular half a century ago. After all, our grandmothers knew a lot about saving! The pattern makes it possible to use each remaining thread. A thick rug or blanket comes out of thick yarn. A thin cotton will go to the creation of napkins, tablecloths or blankets for pillows. The classic strip allows you to successfully combine the most different color threads. For example, in the photo in the same work 24 different colors are used at once!

Bouquet of balloons.

Balls of colored thread can be a decoration of the house by themselves. Of course, if they do not roll around the house! Simply pick the right yarn in color and size, chop on knitting needles or wooden sticks and place in a vase. To get a real bouquet, add artificial or natural leaves to it.


In the wardrobe of the real fashionista there is always a couple of extra hangers. But the accessory can be made independently. Simply tie a colored yarn with a thick wire base. Soft hangers will not allow to deform your favorite dress. You can make themed things as a gift to friends. Bride on the wedding day you can give "hangers" of white yarn with lace trim.A combination of red and white will emphasize the Christmas mood! You can make blue or pink hangers on the occasion of the birth of a boy or girl friend ... If you certainly do not oppose gender stereotypes!

Pencil case

Instead of buying a pencil case for pens and pens in a stationery store, you can knit it from leftover yarn. In addition to its low price, the pencil case has another important advantage - it is very light. So the schoolboy backpack will be less heavy. Suitable accessory for storage of writing materials on the desktop.

Knitted rings.

These rings can be knit from each residue thread. And there are plenty of options for their use. This can be a ring for a scarf or stole, a bracelet or a fixture for writing supplies. And if you use elastic "elastic", an excellent accessory for hair will come out.

Scarf in the "patchwork" technique.

Sometimes the best way to use yarn left after knitting one thing is to start knitting another. For example, in such a scarf, executed in ethnic style, you can combine several contrasting colors at once. Highlight the original image will help fringe.Due to the air binding, the consumption of threads on such a product is minimal. And if you have a lot of yarn, try to tie a shawl or stole.

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