6 ways to make a beautiful styling for short hair

Laying on short hair diversifies the image and makes gray everyday life brighter. Moreover, it does not require special material, physical or time costs. A few minutes and a stylish look is ready!

Mermaid image

This hairstyle is perfect for creating feminine and romantic images, and creating it is not so difficult. Just choose the braid you like and start weaving.


Perhaps the easiest way to make a stylish haircut in seconds. Ordinary bandage, scarf or golden bezel, and the image for a walk through the park is ready!

Elegant waves

Screw the hair on the tongs or curling iron, after processing it with mousse, then lower the head and shake the hair well - the elastic curls will quickly turn into elegant waves.

Root volume

Ideal for windy weather, when smooth laying or laid curls to save is very difficult.Make a volume with a round brush and create a light, creative mess on your head.

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