5 plants that even a very poor florist will not kill

They really are not killed. If you do not have time to seriously care for flowers, and you want greenery at home, take a look at this list.

The plants in the house are not only beauty. Indoor flowers elevate mood, improve performance, purify the air and allow you to relieve tension.

Despite the obvious benefits in the home, many people refuse to plant plants due to lack of time, resources and necessary knowledge. It is easier to recognize that gardening is not your calling and forget about green pets forever. But even for the nastiest flower growers have their own plants. Which exactly, Wday.ru was told by experts in the field of floristics and decor, the founders of the VISIONÄR bureau, Sayana Maksanova and Roman Kovalishin.

Sayana Maksanova:
Sayana Maksanova

Immediately I want to note: those plants that have a dense green leaf, initially more stable and hardy than those that have thin light green foliage.Therefore, our personal charts begin with a ficus.


the most unpretentious indoor flowers
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This plant has about 2000 species, but not all are so unpretentious and can be grown at home.

Ficus rubber - one of the most popular pets - has earned the fame of the most beautiful fit for any conditions. Its leaves are large, saturated dark green in color, have an oval shape and can grow up to 35 cm in length. Ficus can grow up to 15 meters in height and take the role of a dominant in the interior. Ficus - real long-livers, like well-lit places, but prefer to avoid direct sunlight. In the summer, the Ficus will be comfortable at temperatures up to 25 degrees, and it will endure a real Russian winter even if the thermometer drops to –15 degrees. And with watering everything is simple: the higher the temperature, the more water. A real living organism!


the most unpretentious indoor flowers
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Enough shade-tolerant plant, which thanks to its beauty has become a popular room survivor. Outwardly, the dracaena resembles a palm tree, therefore it carries away the imagination of its owner to the distant sea coasts.Dracaena looks very harmoniously both alone and in a number of other indoor plants. Can be a decoration of office space and your home. Easy to carry artificial lighting, does not like direct sunlight and too dry air. The most unpretentious types - "Dracaena Godsef" and "Dragon".

Teschin language

the most unpretentious indoor flowers
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Scientifically, sansevieria. The most independent and unpretentious flower. Going on vacation? He will be faithfully waiting for you at home. Forgot it in a dark corner? You will find a week later in the same condition. Turn off the water? Not scary, Teschin language does not like abundant watering, but still for a drop of moisture every few weeks will be grateful to you. One piece of advice - make sure that not a 2–3 leaves live in a pot, but a whole family. Plant a few plants together, and then the tongue tongue will become a special element of the interior and add a bit of exotic to the room.

Teschin language looks great in large dimensions, when the leaves reach a length of 70-100 cm. Pick a beautiful flower pot and enjoy a tropical pet. And say a flower thank you for cleaning the atmosphere at home and saturating the air with oxygen. This is his horse!


the most unpretentious indoor flowers
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Tropical beauty that brings romance to your home and your life. Leaf alokazii can grow up to 1.5 meters. One plant produces not very many leaves, about 3-5, but they are all very large. Every morning dew is formed on this exotic miracle, and if you put a flower by the bed, then in the morning you will watch crystal liquid rolling down the hollow, as it falls on you, waking you up from sleep and charging you with a special mood all day! Alokaziya - one of the most magnificent deciduous and ornamental plants. She is quite unpretentious, requires simple but regular care.


indoor plants that need not be cared for
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Of course, the cactus has been and remains the most enduring and unpretentious plant. If there are no children and dogs in the apartment, then cacti are one hundred percent hit! This is a very beautiful, neat and absolutely unpretentious flower. A prickly friend will decorate your home and protect against negative energy (as they say).

Roman Kovalishin:
Roman Kovalishin

People are wary and wary of some plants in the house, and all because superstition fills every flower with some special meaning. Monsteras live beautifully in room conditions, this is an expressive plant with extraordinary, pretentiously rugged leaves, but someone said that it was able to drain energy, and everyone believed it.Ivy with its deltoid leaves fits perfectly into any interior, its care is minimal, but its presence in the living room is accompanied by peresudami. In our work space "Workshop of Fine Arts" live monsters, alokaziya and many other, say, ambiguous colors, and we love them very much.

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