5 life hacking from food stylist, how to photograph food

And how to be in the trend, told Google experts.

In the spring, users are beginning to be most interested in the topic of cooking: search engine queries related to recipes reach a peak. And, of course, the season of beautiful and tasty fruits and vegetables begins, which everyone loves not only to eat, but also to take pictures. Interest in food photography has increased by 70% in the world over the year, and the question “How to photograph food?” Is more popular than “How to photograph a child?”.

Food photography is a whole art in which there are directions. Recently, Google users have been most interested in:

food photographs in a minimalist style;

atmospheric photographs on a dark background;

photos of "ordinary" food.

In addition, inquiries related to ideas, practical tips on food photography and food stylists are popular. It is noteworthy that in the top there was a request for a food stylist salary.It can be assumed that many view this type of activity as their profession.

Orya Geva food stylist
food stylist Orya Geva gives simple tips for good shots
Photo: Google Press Service

How is it still right to photograph food?

You can try yourself in food photography or improve existing skills thanks to the advice of Ori Geva, a professional food stylist from Tel Aviv with 11 years of experience. Among her clients are well-known international and Israeli brands. Here are its main recommendations.

1. When shooting on a smartphone, always use natural light. If the light is not very good, you can use the flash from a friend’s phone. It will add an interesting effect to your shot.

2. Try using a photo to tell a story. Add details that would look good next to the main object, select the appropriate background. Pass the mood!

3. Find your own style so that people can distinguish your work from many others. For starters, be inspired by the work of professionals. Subscribe to the accounts of famous food bloggers, they are the trendsetters in this industry.

4.Always use only the freshest ingredients with a pronounced texture. Cucumber pimples, carrots slightly stained in the ground can attract the attention of viewers better than ideal vegetables and fruits.

5. Be prepared, but at the same time know how to improvise. Accessories for shooting - napkins, boards, appliances, plates - it is best to buy on city markets. Grandma's service or mother's favorite tablecloth is also a great option, because old things can tell a story.

how to photograph food
how to photograph food
how to photograph food
how to photograph food
Photo: Google Press Service
Photo: Google Press Service
Photo: Google Press Service
Photo: Google Press Service

And various applications will help you to save, sort and edit photos and videos, as well as share them with friends. For example, "Google Photos". If you are so enthusiastic about food photography that you take pictures more often than you eat, do not worry. Firstly, you can store an unlimited number of high-quality photos (photos up to 16 megapixels, and 1080p video) in Google Photos for free. Secondly, looking for the right photos is simple. Just enter a keyword, for example, “pizza”, “Italy” or even “emoji”. And finally, sharing with the world what you eat is also easy: just select a photo, album or movie and send a link to a friend.

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