15 most fashionable frames of this summer

And with what clothes to combine them.

Sometimes, to feel like a star, just one detail is enough. For example, stylish glasses. This year the trend is bright, unusual rims. Together with the largest in RussiaMegaoptics "Happy look"We chose stylish glasses that perfectly complement the basic summer wardrobe.

And so that you dare to experiment, the founder of Bantser Fashion School, a stylist, image makerMarina Bantsertold what colors to choose for the summer and how to combine them with your favorite clothes. Marina chose three win-win fashionable images for this summer especially for our readers.

Fresh blue

Marina Bantser

The delicate blue color called Little Boy Blue, which we always associate with the warm sea and clean summer sky, is presented in modern collections in all its variety: from trouser suits that are ideal for the office to pleated skirts, feminine dresses, elegant sandals and concise handbags.

Blue is able to refresh the simplest image: even if you wear a brown skirt to work with a blue shirt, you will already look great.I advise you to add an image with glasses in a frame of a delicate shade.

PUMA glasses, Zara blouse, Mango jacket, Francesco Donni bag, skirt and H & M ballet flats
Photo: zara.com/hm.com/shop.mango.com/francesco.ru
puma glasses
Photo: provided by a network of salons "Happy look"

Bright canary

You can add Meadowlark to the canary shade of blue to create a dynamic, bright and interesting combination of yellow and blue. Agree, practically each of us has one pair of blue trousers or a skirt in the wardrobe.

And now you can easily complement the existing things with top, leather jacket and glasses with yellow elements. You can also rhyme Little Boy Blue and Meadowlark with fog-gray Harbor Mist, which is so light and weightless that it is universal and basic.

Gucci glasses, summer coat and Zara skirt, H & M shirt and bag, Econika loafers
Photo: zara.com/hm.com/ekonika.ru
Gucci glasses
Photo: provided by a network of salons "Happy look"

Juicy Tomato

It is worth turning your attention to the interesting combination of red Cherry Tomato with brown Emperador, which you can interpret in different ways. For example, add a brown trench coat or coat to a red dress. Complement a red cashmere sweater with pants or a brown skirt.Shoes and a bag at the same time can be quite simple. And accessories, including glasses, rather the opposite - massive.

Gucci glasses, Stradivarius trench coat, Zara dress, bag and muly, Mango jeans
Photo: stradivarius.com/zara.com/shop.mango.com
Gucci glasses
Photo: provided by a network of salons "Happy look"

5 steps to fashionable image

If you are not sure which color to choose, pay attention to the universal fashion formula: base + interesting, bright accent.

1st step.Take as a basis the most simple plain pants or a skirt, but perfect for you to fit.

2nd step.Add to the pants a blouse (top, shirt, jumper) in a color that really suits you.

3rd step.Add an interesting jacket (leather jacket, jacket), which will set the mood and create a silhouette.

4th step.Do not forget to think about what your shoes will be. Your look will be simple with sneakers or loafers. Or more refined in the ensemble with a stud.

5th step.The main thing: in the end, complement your image with the right glasses.

Stylist tip:

Determine for yourself what things in your wardrobe are basic, and that you need to get interesting, bright, maybe a little unusual, so that the existing wardrobe will play in a new way. Most often these are stylish glasses.

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For those who are still in search of the perfect frame, we have collected the most fashionable glasses of this season.

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