13 strange plants that can grow in your home

While it is not difficult for an ordinary person to plant and grow a cactus of slash grass for a cat, some with a maniacal passion grow Trachyander or Sedum Morgan, also known as an ass or monkey tail. Stop stop, what do they grow? You also did not know about the existence of such exotic plants that can easily grow in your home or in the yard? Then read on.

1. Trachyandra

1. Trachyander House, plants

We do not laugh at the name, but marvel at the amazing appearance of this exotic plant, which looks like a cross between Rollton vermicelli, curly hair and jellyfish tentacles.

2. Peas

2. Peas house, plants

Didn't you know that it can miraculously grow two steps away from your kitchen? Not only that food, it also looks like!

3. Morgan's Sedum (donkey or monkey's tail)

3. Sedum Morgana (donkey or monkey tail) house, plants

The official name is probably called only biologists. For the rest, it's just a "tail", the breeding of which is carried away by many unofficial gardeners.

4. Pink cactus

4. Pink cactus house, plants

Yes, it's absolutely real!

5. Heliconia bi-color (lobster claw, crab, lobster or “parrot flower”)

5. Heliconia two-colored (lobster claw, crab, lobster or "parrot flower") house, plants

Heliconia fully justifies the whole spectrum of its unusual names. The guest from the humid tropics of South America is very fastidious, and in order to grow it, oh, how to try. There is even a saying that it grows "only among successful people."

6. Thigmotrope Satellite

6. Thigmotrope Satellite House, Plants

Unique plants for a unique design solution - hanging gardens in the air. Such a flower does not need land and water, and takes all the moisture and necessary elements from the air. Therefore, you can experiment with it as much as you like. Yes, and kill your "care" is almost impossible. Ideally!

7. Puna (Puna Clavarioides)

7. Pune (Puna Clavarioides) house, plants

This is not an ordinary cactus, it's an exotic species from South America. Especially bold gardeners like to use the hanger as a holder for decorations, for example.

8. Boophane Disticha

8. Boophane Disticha House, Plants

Handsome man from South Africa with a funny wavy texture and an unusual shape in general.

9. Euphorbia Tirucalli

9. Euphorbia Tirucalli House, Plants

This strange plant is often compared with Bengal lights or matches, as it consists of many green twigs that turn red at the end. They can grow up to 7.5 meters in height, but the rooms usually stop at a height of 1 meter.

10. Echeveria Hybrid Perle Von Nurnberg

10. Echeveria Hybrid Perle Von Nurnberg house, plants

I do not know about you, but we really liked this purple-pink plant with an abstruse name.

11. Mertila Cactus (Myrtillo Cactus)

11. Mertila Cactus (Myrtillo Cactus) House, Plants

Patterned cacti for fans of "prickly and unpretentious pets."

12. Havortia Cuspidata

12. Havortia Cuspidata House, plants

Here it is! Plus an unusual, pre-historical appearance.

13. Tillandsia


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