10 unpretentious indoor plants for the lazy

Does your apartment not have too much light, and the windows of the rooms face north? Flowers quickly lose their attractiveness and do not bloom, despite the care and watering? Then you should carefully approach the choice of indoor plants. Shade-tolerant plants do not need special conditions for flowering, because they do not require a lot of light for their growth.

1. Room fern

Ferns are very shy and hardy. Distinctly sustained inadequacies, strong dwellers and bad soil.

2. Sansevieria (Sansevera)

This indoor plant can withstand any weather, be it sun or shade, dryness or humidity, heat or cold.

3. Calathea

Calathea is a perennial plant that does not tolerate high temperatures. The flower is better to put away from the window.

4. Epipremum

This flower requires very little light, which makes it an ideal plant for offices and apartments.

5. Ivy (head)

Incredibly unpretentious flower is ideal for the interior of city apartments.Besides, the cheder doesn't need light at all.

6. Solyroliya

This plant practically does not grow in the sun, but in room culture it adapts well to light locations and penumbra in room culture.

7. Marchinat

It does not require increased attention to itself, easily tolerates a lack of lighting and irregular watering. It can grow even on the north side of the room.

8. Philodendron

The perennial evergreen liana hails from the rain forests of Latin America, Mexico and Australia. These tropical inhabitants are well tolerated by the warm conditions of the living quarters, but they are even more actively developed in winter gardens.

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