10 beautiful items made from old magazines

If you still prefer paper magazines to electronic publications in the network, the problem of disposal can be quite acute. If you do not want to stockpile waste paper and take it to reception points, pay attention to interesting ideas on using waste paper.

1. Decorate the walls with original panels.

Pick up a few pages that match the color to translate your idea, and then create the desired image. Black, colored or craft paper looks very impressive as the main background. This decor will be a great gift for loved ones.

Particularly interesting will look several songs in the same style.

2. Make wall clock of incredible shapes

Use as a base mechanism from a cheap Chinese alarm clock or an old wall clock. Paper will act as a decoration.

A simple paper fan will become a real wall decoration.

3. Build incredible mirror frames

Do not overpay for decorative mirrors. The canvas can be ordered in the glass workshop for a minimal price, and the frame can be made independently.

You can create frames of almost any shape by sticking them directly on the mirror.

4. Glue a tray or a decorative vase from the tubes.

There is no such dish, but it is ideal for storing small items. Put a few bowls in the so-called hot spots, so that there is always order in the house.

5. Use photo from magazines for decoration

Paint beautiful images on a smooth surface and cover with acrylic lacquer.

6. Weave a convenient storage basket

As a basis, you can use tubes from both color magazines and ordinary black and white newspapers.

In addition to standard weaving options, pay attention to the decorative technique of making baskets from paper tubes rolled into spirals.

7. Stands for hot cups

Do you like to drink tea or coffee in the living room? Take care of the surface of the coffee table. If you leave these coasters as they are, without varnishing, their service life will be small. But you can always make another batch.

A little complicate the design with colored yarn.

The simplest solutions work great too!

8. Create a motivational message.

Choose the most pleasant and life-affirming words and phrases from which you need to make a bright poster. Put such a panel in the most prominent place - success and good mood will not keep you waiting long!

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