Basic wardrobe: 15 beautiful shirts for all occasions

Basic wardrobe: 15 beautiful shirts for all occasions Shirts do not happen much! And therefore complete the wardrobe with several models at once, which will help to always and everywhere look perfect. The basic wardrobe is a capsular story, consisting of about 10-20 things.


# 5 5 Fun toys that you can make yourself Crafts, For Kids, Gifts, Decor, Workshop, Accessories Handmade toys for children are beautiful, cheap and pleasant. Every child needs original and educational toys, but it is not always possible to purchase them. Today we.

5 reasons why a woman becomes more beautiful with age

5 reasons why a woman becomes more beautiful with age Love yourself, you are beautiful! Love yourself at every age. In everyone, but every year more and more. Be calm and happy. And remember, age is just numbers that don’t say anything at all.

Shopping basket

Shopping basket A basket in the house is a very necessary thing. However, a good, large, shopping basket is not a cheap pleasure. A little thought, I decided to independently make such a necessary item. A basket of newspaper tubes, as an option, I.

How to shelter coniferous plants for the winter

How to cover coniferous plants for the winter Planted in the current year, coniferous plants do not have time to develop powerful rhizomes for a season and to get stronger for survival in severe winter conditions. Young landings need protection created in various ways.

Invisible underwear: 7 sconces for summer dresses

Invisible underwear: 7 sconces for summer dresses Among the current purchases of the season are dresses and T-shirts with thin straps and necklines. In order not to spoil the image, for such outfits it is important to choose the right underwear. Deep cleavage Silicone.

How to clean the body in 2018

How to clean the body in 2018 Instruction Cleansing the intestines, you can reduce the burden on the liver, lungs, kidneys and skin, to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The easiest and most affordable way to cleanse the intestines at home.

Coloring birds for children

Bird coloring for kids A collection of amazing coloring birds for kids. You are waiting for a long-legged stork, a gentle dove, a luxurious peacock, a funny chicken, a wise owl, a magic hummingbird and many others. Coloring birds for children will give you.

How to download firmware to your phone

How to download firmware to your phone You will need - USB cable; - firmware files; - SGH Flasher Instruction First prepare everything you need to implement.firmwaremobilephone. Be sure to charge it at 80-100%. Full battery discharge duringfirmwaremay lead to irreparable consequences. Find a.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves Once my wife needed shelves in a combined bathroom. I didn’t really like the plastic and metal products that were offered in stores, so I decided to rummage in my supplies in the garage. I liked a few scraps of wood, which.

Oksana Fedorova: Family is my main achievement

Oksana Fedorova: “Family is my main achievement” The TV presenter, the only Russian woman - the owner of the title “Miss Universe - 2002” told about the path to success. Photo: Oksana Fedorova personal archive - My first beauty contest was held at the.

New Year's Boot

New Year's boot Holiday is coming. It's time to make presents. Package of sweets is very relevant. And if it is not a package? A wonderful Santa Claus boot full of sweets, besides made with his own hands. Materials and tools: flat two-liter plastic.

Chicken Pompom Toy

Toy “Chicken” from pompons All children love toys. But it will be doubly pleasant to play with the one that the kid did with his own hand, only occasionally using the help of parents. Today crafts from pompons are very popular both among experienced.

Original paper card

Original paper postcard You will ask why this postcard is needed? Now photographers practically do not print photos on paper, they are poured onto a USB flash drive or disk. That's just for storing such a wedding disk and need this card. You will.

Woolen pompoms for a scarf

Woolen pompoms for a scarf Woolen pompoms for a scarfdo-it-yourself - a master class that will help you make woolen pompons that you can decorate a scarf. Materials and tools: Yarn (blue, blue, white) thick cardboard; compasses or saucers pencil; scissors; hook; ruler. Step.

Vegetable Pie with Pesto

Vegetable Pie with Pesto You will need - 50 g yeast-free puff pastry - 70 g tomato sauce - 70 g of eggplants - 70 g zucchini - 50 g Carofel - salt pepper - basil - olive oil Instruction Eggplants and zucchini washed.

The benefits and harm of salt lamps

The benefits and harm of salt lamps This device is a large piece of rock salt, inside which a light bulb is embedded. Moreover, the color of the salt lamp can be different (yellow, orange, pink, brown, red), it all depends on the presence.

Original plaid Bavarian viscous

Original plaid Bavarian viscous Have you heard of the Bavarian mating? I also learned about it recently. It turns out that with this simple knitting technique you can create very beautiful things. I propose today to connect an interesting geometric rectangular rug. This method.

What you need to know to perform finishing work in the bath

What you need to know in order to perform finishing work in the bathhouse Bath is a wonderful place, allowing you to get rid of all problems and relax. When the construction of the "cherished corner" is completed, it remains quite a bit: to.

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